By Fastly


A Golang client can be found at GitHub.


A Perl module for accessing the Fastly API is available from GitHub and CPAN.

Install it by running: cpan install Net::Fastly


A Python based client can be found at GitHub.


If you're using Ruby, you can use the Fastly gem to access the API. It's available from GitHub and

Install it by running: gem install fastly

3rd party

In addition to the above clients written by Fastly, our awesome community has also created some tools and connectors in other languages. And now a message to make the lawyers happy:

Fastly makes no warranty on third-party software. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions in the third-party software or documentation available. Using such software is done entirely at your own discretion and risk.


The folks at the UK Government Digital Services created a utility to configure the Fastly CDN from version-controllable VCL and YAML files using Fastly's API. Find it on their GitHub.


Thanks to Philipp Schulte who created a Promise based Node.js library for the Fastly API. It's available on and at GitHub.

Jeremiah of FitBit created the older, original callback-based Node.js client. Information can be found at and the GitHub repo.


The folks at HashiCorp offer a Fastly provider that makes it easy to use Fastly with Terraform.