The disable parameter disables image upscaling functionality that is enabled by default.

API Pattern



Parameter Description
disable Disable functionality that is enabled by default.

Parameter Values

Value Description
upscale Image upscaling.


  1. Image upscaling:
    • Image upscaling is disabled by default and discouraged from use. Image upscaling increases both the file size and delivery time of the image to the end user with no visual improvement in quality. We recommend handling upscaling on the client-side (e.g. web browser, css, native app) by setting the width/height attributes of the image.
    • The upscale value must be used with the width, height or dpr parameter to see the effects in the output image.


Description HTML Demo
Disable Image Size Upscaling - Don't upscale the image to 2560px in width if the original is smaller than the requested output size. <img src="image.jpg?width=2560&disable=upscale"/> Example