The orient parameter controls the cardinal orientation of the image.


API Pattern



Parameter Description
orient How the image will be orientated.

Parameter Values

Value Description
r Orientate the image right.
l Orientate the image left.
h Flip the image horizontally.
v Flip the image vertically.
hv Horizontal and Vertical flip.
vh Vertical and Vertical flip.
1 Default.
2 Flip the image horizontally.
3 Horizontal and Vertical flip.
4 Flip the image vertically.
5 Horizontal flip then orientate the image left.
6 Orientate the image right.
7 Horizontal flip then orientate the image right.
8 Orientate the image left.


By default, if the source image contains orientation information stored within its EXIF data (Exchangeable Image File Format) the image will automatically correct its orientation.


Description HTML Demo
Orientate the image right <img src="image.jpg?orient=r"/> Example
Flip the image horizontally <img src="image.jpg?orient=2"/> Example
Flip the image horizontally and vertically <img src="image.jpg?orient=3"/> Example