Changelog archive

February 2020 Documentation Changes

Recently edited and reviewed docs

The following documentation was edited as part of a normal review cycle or as a result of updates to how the Fastly web interface and API operate:

The following API documentation was edited as part of a normal review cycle or as a result of updates to how the Fastly API operates:

New and recently updated VCL docs

The following documents are new to the VCL documentation:

  • client.geo.proxy_description
  • client.geo.proxy_type
  • client.socket.tcpi_advmss
  • client.socket.tcpi_bytes_acked
  • client.socket.tcpi_bytes_received
  • client.socket.tcpi_data_segs_in
  • client.socket.tcpi_data_segs_out
  • client.socket.tcpi_delta_retrans
  • client.socket.tcpi_last_data_sent
  • client.socket.tcpi_max_pacing_rate
  • client.socket.tcpi_min_rtt
  • client.socket.tcpi_notsent_bytes
  • client.socket.tcpi_pacing_rate
  • client.socket.tcpi_pmtu
  • client.socket.tcpi_rcv_mss
  • client.socket.tcpi_rcv_rtt
  • client.socket.tcpi_rcv_space
  • client.socket.tcpi_rcv_ssthresh
  • client.socket.tcpi_reordering
  • client.socket.tcpi_rtt
  • client.socket.tcpi_rttvar
  • client.socket.tcpi_segs_in
  • client.socket.tcpi_segs_out
  • client.socket.tcpi_snd_mss
  • client.socket.tcpi_snd_ssthresh
  • client.socket.tcpi_snd_total_retrans

The following documents were edited by request, as part of the normal doc review cycle, or as a result of updates to how Fastly's Varnish operates:

  • segmented.caching.autopurged
  • segmented.caching.block_number
  • segmented.caching.cancelled
  • segmented.caching.client_req.is_open_ended
  • segmented.caching.client_req.is_range
  • segmented.caching.client_req.range_high
  • segmented.caching.client_req.range_low
  • segmented.caching.completed
  • segmented.caching.error
  • segmented.caching.failed
  • segmented.caching.is_inner_req
  • segmented.caching.is_outer_req
  • segmented.caching.complete_length
  • segmented.caching.rounded_req.range_high
  • segmented.caching.rounded_req.range_low
  • segmented.caching.total_blocks

New and recently updated Japanese translations

We've recently added Japanese (日本語) translations for the following service guides:

Our documentation archive contains PDF snapshots of site content as of the above date. Previous updates can be found in the archive as well.