Common service and domain errors

Exceeding max number of domains

We currently limit the maximum number of services and domains you can configure (including when you create domains programmatically). Once you reach that limit, error messages may appear that look something like this:

2 "msg": "An error occurred while connecting to the fastly API, please try your request again.",
3 "detail": "Exceeding max number of domains: 10"

If you're receiving a limit message and need to create more services or domains, contact support for assistance. Fastly support engineers can not only increase the number of services that you can use, they can suggest other ways to design what you are trying to achieve.

Domain already taken

Ownership of a domain is assigned in one of two ways: by adding a domain to an active version on your Fastly service or by creating a TLS certificate for a domain. If you try to create a domain that is already owned by another customer, you may get error messages like:

Domain [domain name] is taken by another customer. Domain [domain name] is owned by another customer.

If you receive one of these errors when adding a domain that you rightfully should have access to, or if you need to delegate a domain to another account or customer (for example, delegating a domain from a test account to a production account), contact support for help.

Within an account, domains can only be associated with one service at a time. If you try to create a domain that is already taken by another service in your account, you may get an error message like:

Domain [domain name] is already taken by service [service name].

In this case, follow the steps to delete a domain from your service before creating the domain on your new service.

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