Signal Sciences security measures

      Last updated March 08, 2021

    Fastly's security measures for Signal Sciences products includes safeguards that help protect your data as it moves through the Cloud WAF and Next-Gen WAF. Information about these safeguards is organized by category.

    Authentication and authorization

    Business continuity and operational resilience

    Cloud infrastructure data center and physical security

    We rely on data center space under the control of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their physical security controls. As part of our third-party security review process, we confirm that these providers maintain appropriate physical security measures to protect their data center facilities.

    Customer and end user data management


    We use industry-accepted encryption technologies to encrypt sensitive information. All client data is encrypted in transit using TLS.


    Human resources security

    Identity and access management

    Logging and monitoring

    Network and infrastructure security

    Security incident management

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