Last updated September 22, 2020

    When converting animated GIFs to MP4 format and when used in conjunction with the level parameter, the profile parameter controls which features the video encoder can use based on a target class of application for decoding the specific video bitstream.

    API Pattern



    Parameter Description
    profile The profile requirements for decoding the specific video bitstream.

    Parameter Values

    Value Description
    baseline The profile recommended for video conferencing and mobile applications. (Default)
    main The profile recommended for standard-definition broadcasts.
    high The profile recommended for high-definition broadcasts.


    If either profile or level parameters are missing, profile=baseline&level=3.0 will be used as the default.


    Description HTML Demo
    Convert the source animated GIF to MP4 format and select the high profile with a level of 5.0. <video width="300" height="224" src="image.gif?format=mp4&profile=high&level=5.0" playsinline autoplay muted loop type="video/mp4"><!--[if lt IE 9]><img width="300" height="224" src="image.gif?image.gif">![endif]--></video> Example
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