About Fastly's Cloud Accelerator

Fastly's Cloud Accelerator provides an integration between Fastly and Google services. Specifically, the integration enables customers of Google's Cloud Platform service to connect via peered network interconnections (direct PNIs) directly to Fastly's content delivery network services, thus speeding up content delivery and optimizing backend workload.

When customers sign up for Fastly services and configure a Google Cloud Platform service as their origin server, they designate a specific point of presence (POP) to serve as an Origin Shield that handles cached content from their servers.

Requests from Fastly POPs to the Cloud Accelerator Origin Shields are routed over Fastly's network, which leverages optimized TCP connection handling, quick-start and opened connections to ensure fast response times between POPs and through to the end-user. Fastly ensures that requests go directly to the Origin Shield instead of the origin servers. Only requests that the entire network has never handled will go back to the Google Cloud Platform service.

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