Sign up and create your first service

To create a Fastly account and set up your first service, follow the steps below.

Sign up at Fastly.com

Before you do anything else, you must sign up for a Fastly account.

  1. Click on any Try Fastly Now button on the Fastly.com website or simply point a browser to the signup form.
  2. When the signup form appears, fill in all the fields with your contact information. All the fields are required.

    the signup form

  3. Click the Sign Up button. The confirmation screen will appear with instructions on what to do next and you'll be sent an e-mail that contains a verification link.

    the signup confirmation

  4. Check your inbox and find the confirmation email we sent you.

  5. Click the verification link (we need to make sure you're not a spam robot and verify your email). The verification link will immediately take you to the first step of the quick start process so you can create your first service.

Create your first service and test it

Once you've verified your email, we log you into the application automatically and immediately take you through the quick start process to create your first service.

the quick start process

  1. In the Name Your Service field, type the name of the first service you'd like to create. This name can be anything at all that will help you distinguish this service from any others you create in the future. You can rename this service at any time.
  2. In the Server Address field, type the IP address (or hostname) and port number (usually 80) for your website's server. We need this to make sure your cache updates properly. If you have many servers you can configure the rest later.
  3. In the Domain Name field, type the domain name of your website. We need this information to properly route requests to your website.
  4. Click the Configure button to create your first service. The system configures your service and displays a link for you to test.
  5. Click the configuration test link that appears. Your website should appear, but it may take up to 60 seconds as all the systems start talking to each other.

CNAME your domain

To complete the process of creating your first service, you must set the CNAME DNS record for your domain to point to global-nossl.fastly.net in order to direct traffic to us. Each service provider does this a little differently, but we've provided a link to instructions for most major providers. Once you've completed this step, you should be all ready to go!

If you are having any problems, feel free to contact us at support@fastly.com.

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