Changing connection timeouts to your origin

Connection timeouts to your origin server control how long Fastly will wait for a response from your origin server before exiting with an error. Changing the connection timeout is a good way to start troubleshooting 503 backend read errors. Follow the steps below to change the connection timeouts to your origin server:

  1. Log in to the Fastly application.
  2. Click on the configure button (the wrench icon at the top of the application window).
  3. Select the appropriate service from the Service menu.
  4. Click the blue Configure button to the right of the displayed service name.
  5. Click the Hosts pane from the list on the left.
  6. In the list of backends, click the gear icon to the right of the named backend you want to edit, then select Advanced Configuration from the menu.

    the Advanced Configuration selection on the backend editing menu

    The Advanced Configuration menu appears.

    the Advanced Configuration menu

  7. Type the new timeout in the appropriate field of the Timeouts section.

  8. Click the Update button.

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