Purging optimized images

  Last updated June 29, 2018

Instant Purging removes an image from Fastly caches immediately so it can be refreshed from your origin servers.

Purging images via the user interface

Purge an individual image

a purge by url

Purge all transformed image variations

Purging images via API

The syntax for purging a service through the API can be found in the Purging section of the API documentation.

Purge an individual image via API

To purge an individual image URL, type the path to the image you want to purge.

For example: curl -X PURGE https://www.fastly.io/image.jpg?width=320

Purge all transformed image variations via API

To purge all transformed image variations belonging to a specific image, remove all the Fastly Image Optimizer API query string parameters.

For example: curl -X PURGE https://www.fastly.io/image.jpg

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