Setting up free TLS

Customers can use our shared domain TLS wildcard certificate for free. Follow the steps below to set up free TLS:

  1. Log in to the Fastly application and click the configure tab (wrench icon).

    the configure tab

  2. From the Service menu, select the appropriate service, and then click the blue Configure button. The main controls for the selected service appear.

  3. Click Domains from the section list on the left. The Domains window appears.

    the Domains settings

  4. Click the New button. The New Domain pane appears.

    the New Domain pane

  5. In the Domain Name field, type [name].global.ssl.fastly.net, where [name] is a single word. If the name has already been taken, you will need to pick a different one.

  6. Click Create to save the domain. The new domain appears in the list of domains.

  7. Deploy your service.

You should be able to access the domain via the following URL: https://<name>.global.ssl.fastly.net/. Note that you don't need to add CNAME records to use the shared domain certificate.

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