Email and password changes

Log in to the Fastly application and click the account tab to access the Account Settings information.

the account tab

the Account Settings controls

Changing your name or email

To change the name or email associated with your account, update the information that appears in the Name and Email (login) fields in the Your Profile section. When changing your email, you'll need to confirm your password in the window that appears. To finalize your new name or email, click Update Profile to save the changes.

Changing your password

To change the password currently associated with your account, type your current password in the Current Password field, then type your new password twice, once in the New Password field and once in the Confirm Password field. Save the changes by clicking Change Password.

Password requirements

When choosing a password keep in mind that it must:

In addition, passwords cannot solely contain:

The system will prevent you from choosing a password that:

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