Previewing VCL before activating it

Previewing VCL before activation

You can preview VCL prior to activating a service version.

  1. Log in to the Fastly application.
  2. Click the configure tab to access the control panel.

    the configure tab

  3. Select the appropriate service from the Service menu.

  4. Click the blue Configure button to the right of the service name.

  5. Click the VCL section to view the Varnish Configuration information, and then click the New button to upload your configuration file.

    the Varnish Configuration controls

    The New Varnish Configuration window appears:

    the New Varnish Configuration window

  6. In the Name field, type the name of the varnish configuration information you're uploading.

  7. Click the Choose File button and navigate to the text file you plan to upload.

  8. Click the Create button to create the new varnish configuration.

  9. At the top of the application window, click the VCL button to the right of the service name and version fields.

    the VCL button

    The Generated VCL preview appears.

    the Generated VCL preview window

Testing VCL configurations

You don't need a second account to test your VCL configurations with the Fastly application. We recommend adding a new service within your existing account that's specifically designed for testing. A name like "QA" or "testing" or "staging" makes distinguishing between services much easier.

Once created, simply point your testing service to your testing or QA environment. Edit your Fastly configurations for the testing service as if you were creating them for production. Preview your VCL, test things out and tweak them to get them perfect.

When your testing is complete, make the same changes in your production service that you made to your testing service. If you are using custom VCL, upload the VCL file to the production service you'll be using.

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