Nearline Cache


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Fastly’s Nearline Cache allows you to manually or automatically populate and store content in third-party cloud storage near a Fastly POP. In the event of a cache miss, content that has previously been written to Nearline Cache is fetched from the storage instead of your origin. Content not present in Nearline Cache will be fetched from your origin and, if configured for automatic migration, will be written to Nearline Cache asynchronously.

There is no charge for data transfer costs between the third-party cloud storage and Fastly. Availability and performance of Fastly's Nearline Cache depends upon the third-party cloud storage provider’s services. You are responsible for purging or otherwise rendering inaccessible any stored content that you do not intend to serve to end users. Content in the third-party cloud storage will be programmatically deleted by Fastly after a specified period.


When purchasing Nearline Cache, you must also purchase Gold or Enterprise Support.

You will be charged for content in Nearline Cache based on the average amount of data in gigabytes (GB) in Nearline Cache during the billing period and for write operations as specified on your service order.

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