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Agent StatsD Metrics

access_time Updated Jun 29, 2022

StatsD Metrics

Metrics can be reported through StatsD to the service of your choice using the statsd-address agent configuration flag.

Metrics can be filtered using the statsd-metrics agent configuration flag.

The following metrics are reported through StatsD:

  • Counters are counts since last update
  • Gauges are point in time or lifetime metrics
Metric Type Description counter The number of requests inspected
sigsci.agent.waf.error counter The number of errors while attempting to process a request
sigsci.agent.waf.allow counter The number of allow decisions
sigsci.agent.waf.block counter The number of block decisions
sigsci.agent.waf.perf.decision_time.50pct gauge The decision time 50th percentile
sigsci.agent.waf.perf.decision_time.95pct gauge The decision time 95th percentile
sigsci.agent.waf.perf.decision_time.99pct gauge The decision time 99th percentile
sigsci.agent.waf.perf.queue_time.50pct gauge The queue time 50th percentile
sigsci.agent.waf.perf.queue_time.95pct gauge The queue time 95th percentile
sigsci.agent.waf.perf.queue_time.99pct gauge The queue time 99th percentile gauge The number of open rpc connections
sigsci.agent.runtime.cpu_pct gauge CPU percent used by the agent
sigsci.agent.runtime.mem.sys_bytes gauge Memory used by the agent
sigsci.agent.runtime.uptime gauge Agent uptime
sigsci.agent.signal.NAME counter Number of NAME signals