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Signal Sciences Agent Container Image

access_time Updated Jan 11, 2022

Docker Hub

The official signalsciences/sigsci-agent container image is now available from the Signal Sciences account on Docker Hub. This image can be pulled via signalsciences/sigsci-agent:latest (or replace latest with a version tag). If you need to modify this image or want to build it locally, then follow the instructions below.

Custom sigsci-agent Dockerfile

It is possible to build on top of the existing sigsci-agent container image using FROM, but some care needs to be taken as the Dockerfile is set up to run commands as the sigsci user instead of root. If you use the recommended Dockerfile, then you may need to change to the root user, then back to the sigsci user after any system modifications are done.

Example: Installing an Additional Package

# Start from the official sigsci-agent container
FROM signalsciences/sigsci-agent:latest

# Change to root to install a package
USER root
RUN apk --no-cache add mypackage

# Change back to the sigsci user at the end for runtime
USER sigsci

Build the Signal Sciences Agent Docker Container Image

The recommended sigsci-agent Dockerfile is now included in the tarball sigsci-agent distribution. To build the image, you should download and unpack this archive and follow the instructions in the from this archive.


curl -O
mkdir sigsci-agent && tar zxvf sigsci-agent_latest.tar.gz -C sigsci-agent
cd sigsci-agent
make docker

This will build the recommended sigsci-agent container image by unpacking the tarball and running make docker from the unpacked directory to build the image tagged with signalsciences/sigsci-agent:latest and signalsciences/sigsci-agent:<version>. It is possible to use a custom name with the tags by setting IMAGE_NAME (e.g., make IMAGE_NAME=custom-prefix/sigsci-agent docker).

To build manually, run the following command, replacing your-tag and your-version:

docker build . -t your-tag:your-version