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access_time Updated Jan 11, 2022


Note: These steps assume:
• IHS is installed in /opt/IBM/HTTPServer. If IHS is installed in a different path, use the appropriate path for your IHS installation.
• IHS is installed on CentOS, if assistance is needed with another platform, contact Support.

1. Install the Signal Sciences agent:

2. Download the Signal Sciences module package for your version of IHS:

Note: Replace <VERSION> with the latest module version found here:

  • For IHS version < 9.0, use the apache22 Signal Sciences module:
    • Download:
    • Extract:
      tar -xzf sigsci-module-apache-<VERSION>.el6-1.x86_64.tar.gz
  • For IHS version > 9.0, use the apache24 Signal Sciences module:
    • Download:
    • Extract:
      tar -xzf sigsci-module-apache-<VERSION>.el7-1.x86_64.tar.gz

3. Copy to the IBM HTTP Server modules directory:

  • cp /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/modules

4. Add the LoadModule directive to the IBM HTTP Server httpd.conf file (/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf):

  • LoadModule signalsciences_module modules/

5. Restart the IBM HTTP Server:

  • /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl restart