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Modules Overview

access_time Updated Dec 5, 2022

IMPORTANT: Support for the Python and PHP modules will be moving to self-service in March 2023. At that time, you may continue to use the modules at your own discretion, but we will no longer update and provide technical support for the modules. Until the transition occurs, we will fully support both modules. More information about this transition will be posted at a later date. Reach out to your account manager or if you have any questions about this transition.

About Modules

Before you begin installing a module, make sure that you’ve already installed an agent.

The Signal Sciences Module is the architecture component that is responsible for passing request data to the agent. The module deployment is flexible and can exist as a plugin to the web server, a language or framework specific implementation, or can be removed if running the agent in reverse proxy mode.

After you install a module, verify your agent and module installation.

Web Server Module Options

Language or Framework Specific Module Options (RASP)

No Module Option