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access_time Updated Mar 27, 2023

Our JIRA issue integration creates an issue when IP addresses are flagged on Signal Sciences.

Adding a JIRA issue integration

JIRA issue integrations are configured per project.

  1. Create a new user in JIRA for the integration to use.
  2. Create an API token for that user.
  3. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.
  4. Select a site if you have more than one site.
  5. From the Manage menu, select Site Integrations. The site integrations menu page appears.
  6. Click Add site integration. The add site integration menu page appears.
  7. Select the Jira Issue integration. The JIRA integration setup page appears.
  8. In the Host field, enter the URL of your JIRA instance.
  9. In the Username field, enter the username you created in JIRA.
  10. In the API Token field, enter the API token you created in JIRA.
  11. In the Project Key field, enter the key of the JIRA project to create new issues in.
  12. In the Issue Type field, enter the type of issue that should be created.
  13. Select if you want to be alerted regarding All activity or Specific activity. If you selected Specific activity, in the Activity menu choose which types of activity you want the integration to create alerts for.
  14. Click Create site integration.

Activity types

Activity type Description
flag An IP address was flagged
agentAlert An agent alert was triggered