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access_time Updated Mar 27, 2023

The VictorOps integration allows you to send a notification to VictorOps anytime activity occurs. This includes IP flagging events in addition to agent mode changes and allowlisting/blocklisting additions and removals.

Adding a VictorOps integration

VictorOps alerts integrations are configured per project.

  1. Log in to VictorOps.

  2. From the Settings menu, select Integrations. The integrations menu page appears.

  3. Under Incoming Alerts, select REST Endpoint.

  4. Click Enable Integration if you have not already generated an API key.

  5. Copy the Post URL.

    The Post URL will be in the format of:$routing_key

    Change $routing_key to your target group who should be notified of the alert. Failure to do so may result in missed notifications.

  6. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.

  7. Select a site if you have more than one site.

  8. From the Manage menu, select Site Integrations. The site integrations menu page appears.

  9. Click Add site integration. The add site integration menu page appears.

  10. Select the VictorOps Alert integration. The VictorOps alert integration setup page appears.

  11. In the Webhook URL field, enter the Post URL copied from VictorOps.

  12. Select if you want to be alerted regarding All activity or Specific activity. If you selected Specific activity, in the Activity menu choose which types of activity you want the integration to create alerts for.

  13. Click Create site integration.

Activity types

Activity type Description
siteDisplayNameChanged The display name of a site was changed
siteNameChanged The short name of a site was changed
loggingModeChanged The agent mode (“Blocking”, “Not Blocking”, “Off”) was changed
agentAnonModeChanged The agent IP anonymization mode was changed
flag An IP address was flagged
expireFlag An IP address flag was manually expired
createCustomRedaction A custom redaction was created
removeCustomRedaction A custom redaction was removed
updateCustomRedaction A custom redaction was updated
customTagCreated A custom signal was created
customTagUpdated A custom signal was updated
customTagDeleted A custom signal was removed
customAlertCreated A custom alert was created
customAlertUpdated A custom alert was updated
customAlertDeleted A custom alert was removed
detectionCreated A templated rule was created
detectionUpdated A templated rule was updated
detectionDeleted A templated rule was removed
listCreated A list was created
listUpdated A list was updated
listDeleted A list was removed
ruleCreated A request rule was created
ruleUpdated A request rule was updated
ruleDeleted A request rule was deleted
customDashboardCreated A custom dashboard was created
customDashboardUpdated A custom dashboard was updated
customDashboardReset A custom dashboard was reset
customDashboardDeleted A custom dashboard was removed
customDashboardWidgetCreated A custom dashboard card was created
customDashboardWidgetUpdated A custom dashboard card was updated
customDashboardWidgetDeleted A custom dashboard card was removed
agentAlert An agent alert was triggered