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Header Links

access_time Updated Jan 11, 2022

Header links are a means of easily cross-referencing our data with your own internal systems via a hyperlink. We currently support linking either request or response headers to any system (e.g., Kibana, Splunk, etc…).

For example, an X-Request-Id request header or X-User-Id response header can be linked directly to one of your internal systems.

  1. Log into the Signal Sciences Console

  2. Go to Site Manage > Header Links

  3. Click Add header link

    • Type: specifies whether you want to link a request or response header.
    • Header Name: is the name of the header (e.g., X-Request-ID).
    • Link Template: is how we generate the link to your internal system. The link name is used for display purposes, (e.g., “View in Kibana”).
    • Link Name: Is the display name for the header link

To view the link in action, click View request detail on any request on the Requests page.

Underneath either “Request headers” or “Response headers”, next to the header you specified, you should see a header link (e.g., “View in Splunk").

Request headers with header links for Splunk and DataDog.