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Overview Page

access_time Updated Jan 11, 2022

Customizable Overview Page

Signal Sciences provides the ability to customize the overview page experience. These customizations include creating and arranging cards into a preferred layout, as well as editing custom cards to display specific signals. Create multiple dashboards to easily switch between saved arrangements of cards and signals.

Adding a new Card

To add a new card, scroll to the bottom of the Overview Page and select “Add a new card”.

Add a new card

Add the title of the new card, a description and begin adding signals by using either the dropdown list or typing in the name of the signal. Save the card and it will now show on the overview page.

Resetting the overview page

To reset the overview page back to its original settings, click on “Edit dashboard” in the top right corner, and click “Reset Dashboard”.

Note: By resetting the dashboard all previous customizations will be deleted.

Edit an existing card

To edit an existing card, hover over the card and the top right corner of the card will display Edit. Click Edit to change the parameters as necessary.

Add a new card


Selecting a dashboard

Switch between dashboards by clicking the chevron next to the name of the current dashboard:

Selecting a dashboard

Choose which dashboard you want to switch to by selecting it from the menu. Narrow down the list using the search field at the top.

Creating a new dashboard

To create an entirely new dashboard, click on the “Add Dashboard” button in the upper-right corner:

Add a new dashboard button

You will then be able to name the new dashboard, as well as select which cards the dashboard will start with. You will be able to further customize the dashboard as described above after it has been created.

Add a new dashboard window

Duplicating dashboards

Duplicate existing dashboards by switching to the dashboard you wish to duplicate and clicking the “Make a copy of this dashboard” icon to the far right:

Copy a dashboard

Managing dashboards

Rename and delete dashboards by switching to the dashboard you wish to manage and clicking the “Edit dashboard” icon to the far right:

Edit a dashboard

Setting a default dashboard

Select a dashboard to be your default dashboard. This dashboard will automatically be selected when you first log into the Signal Sciences console. To set a default dashboard, switch to the dashboard you wish to make your default and then click the “Set as your default dashboard” button on the far right:

Set a default dashboard