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Converting requests to rules

access_time Updated Mar 24, 2023

From the Requests page, you can convert individual requests into pre-populated rules, enabling you to allow, block, rate limit, and tag similar requests. To convert a request into a rule, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.

  2. Select a site if you have more than one site.

  3. Click Requests. The requests page appears.

  4. Locate or search for the request you want to convert into a rule.

  5. Click View request detail. The request details page appears.

  6. Click Convert to rule in the upper-right corner. The rule builder menu page appears.

  7. Under Type, select the type of rule you want to make (Request, Rate limit, or Signal exclusion).

  8. Under Conditions, select which characteristics of the request you want to convert into rule conditions. For example, selecting “IP Address” and “Path” will create conditions in the rule that look for the specific IP address and path featured in the request.

  9. Click Continue. A pre-built rule with conditions featuring the request characteristics you selected

  10. Under Conditions, modify the rule as needed by adding and editing rule conditions.

  11. Under Actions, select which action(s) the rule should take (e.g., Block, Allow, or Add signal). Additional actions can be added by clicking Add action.

  12. Under Status, optionally disable the rule by deselecting the Always enabled toggle. By default, rules are automatically enabled when created unless specifically disabled.

    You can optionally set the rule to automatically disable after a set period of time. Click Change expiration and select a duration from the menu.

  13. In the Description field, enter a description for the rule.

  14. Click Create site rule.