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Verifying Performance and Reliability

access_time Updated May 24, 2023

Signal Sciences provides a number of metrics to understand the performance impact on your infrastructure. General information about Signal Sciences performance and reliability can be found at Performance & Reliability. You can verify the performance impact on your infrastructure directly in the console:

  1. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.
  2. From the Sites menu, select a site if you have more than one site.
  3. Click on Agents. The agents page appears.
  4. Click on the Agent ID. The agent details menu page appears.
  5. Click the Charts tab.

The Charts tab shows you information on the number of requests the agent has processed, any errors observed, memory usage, CPU percentage, decision times, and more. You can change the time range via the time selector on the top right.

For reference, these are some baseline numbers we’ve seen with other customers:

  • Median memory usage of 100–400 MB in production
  • Median decision time of 0.6–2.0ms in production