Support guides

Account management

User access and control

These articles describe how to manage users with permission to access to your account.

Account management and security

These articles describe how to manage account access and security.

Account types and billing

These articles describe Fastly's billing and payment plans and how to make adjustments to your billing information.

Basic setup

Basic setup

These articles provide basic instructions for getting started with Fastly services.

Basic configuration

These articles provide basic instructions for configuring Fastly services after getting started.

Basic concepts

These articles describe the most basic concepts of Fastly's CDN services.

Developer's tools

API Caching

These articles describe how to cache responses from an API.


These articles define conditions in VCL and the Fastly web interface.

Edge Dictionaries

These articles describe how to move rapid key/value pair decision logic to the edge.


A purge is what happens when you pick out an object from the cache and discard it along with its variants. Fastly allows unlimited purging without having to do it one object at a time. These articles describe how to purge by affiliation, by URL, or even purge all of your site's cached content for a full refresh.


These articles provide information about how to use VCL to customize Fastly services.


These articles provide examples of some of the deeper technology Fastly makes available.

Diagnostics and performance

Streaming logs

These articles describe Fastly's support for syslog and syslog-compatible log streaming providers as well as other methods of sending logging information.


Because Fastly doesn't store customer logs, we provide these articles to describe debugging techniques that help you gain insights into your service configurations.

Performance tuning

These articles describe how to tune the performance of Fastly's services beyond standard configuration methods.


Access Control Lists

These articles describe how to restrict access to resources by whitelisting or blacklisting IP addresses with Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Monitoring and testing

These articles provide information about monitoring and testing the security of your services behind Fastly.

Securing communications

These articles describe how to order a TLS certificate through Fastly and then set it up.

Migrations and integrations


These articles describe migrations between Fastly services and non-Fastly services.


These articles describe how non-Fastly services interoperate with Fastly.

Online video streaming

Live streaming

These articles describe setup and configuration guidelines for live stream delivery.

On-the-fly packaging

These articles describe how to deliver packaged, adaptive bitrate video on-demand from a single source format.

Compliance and law

About our terms

This FAQ answers questions we often get about our Terms of Service, our privacy statements, our documentation, our Acceptable Use Policy, and how they all work together. It does not replace any of those, nor is it legally binding on its own.


These articles provide information about the processes and safeguards we follow to protect your data.

Security measures

These articles provide information about the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that protect the Fastly CDN service.

Third-party technology

These articles provide information about third-party technology and services incorporated into the Fastly CDN service.

Related offerings

Fastly offers service level agreements to customers based on the nature of their agreement with Fastly and the Fastly products they have purchased. These articles provide information about these service level agreements.


Our statement regarding the service guide translations we provide:


Consistent with our commitment to transparency, these articles provide links to the historical versions of our documentation, terms, and policies.

Products and services

Detailed product descriptions

These articles provide detailed, plain English descriptions of Fastly's products.

Fastly product lifecycle

Fastly releases or retires its products and features as detailed below.