Last updated May 18, 2020

    The auto parameter enables functionality that automates certain optimization features, like WebP image format support.

    API Pattern



    Parameter Description
    auto Automate certain optimization features.

    Parameter Values

    Value Description
    webp WebP Image Support.


    1. Automatic delivery of WebP format images is performed via content negotiation and will override the format parameter in browsers that support WebP.
    2. Although the WebP format produces images at a higher compression ratio with a lower loss of quality, it is not supported in all browsers.
    3. When using Firefox version 66 or above, automatic content negotiation will not occur when opening the image in the browser. To view WebP images generated via auto=webp you must insert your image onto a web page.


    Description HTML Demo
    Enable WebP Image Support - Deliver a WebP image to supported browsers. <img src="image.jpg?auto=webp"/> Example
    Advanced Examples (Combining Additional Parameters)
    Description HTML Additional Param Demo
    Enable WebP Image Support and encode to a progressive JPEG - For non supporting WebP browsers. <img src="image.png?format=pjpg&auto=webp"/> format Example
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