Fastly POP locations

Our points of presence (POPs) on the internet are strategically placed at the center of the highest density Internet Exchange Points around the world. Fastly's Network Map shows a detailed view of current and planned locations for all Fastly POPs. In addition, our data centers API endpoint provides a list of all Fastly POPs, including their latitude and longitude locations.

Once you're signed up for Fastly service (either through a test account or a paid plan) you can see a live, real-time visual representation of the general regions of the world in which Fastly's POPs receive requests for your service.

How Fastly chooses POP locations

Geographic distribution is just one of the factors Fastly considers when building its global infrastructure. Other factors include connectivity, provider diversity, and our ability to build a scalable, performant modern network centered around internet infrastructure hubs to best support our customers' markets. Fastly's focus on automation, operational redundancy, and global delivery when building our infrastructure means our POPs often combine multiple physical sites to better serve densely populated markets.

Will Fastly ever adjust POP locations or service regions? How will I be notified?

Fastly continues to grow its network footprint, adding and combining new service POPs in the process. At times, expansion may result in the addition of new billable regions to our network. We'll announce new POP locations and new billable regions in advance through our network status page at Contact with specific contract or billing questions.

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