Special Service Guide Update for December 7, 2022

On April 30, 2023, the Fastly WAF (WAF Legacy and WAF 2020) will reach its end of life date and will no longer be supported for existing customers. As an alternative, the Fastly Next-Gen WAF offers similar functionality as well as additional features. This product is a web application firewall that monitors for suspicious and anomalous web traffic and protects, in real-time, against attacks directed at the applications and origin servers that you specify. It can be controlled via the web interface dashboard or application programming interface (API). We encourage you to contact waftransition@fastly.com or your Fastly account team to evaluate Fastly Next-Gen WAF and begin the transition process.

Our documentation archive contains PDF snapshots of docs.fastly.com site content as of the above date. Previous updates can be found in the archive as well.