Fastly product lifecycle

      Last updated May 12, 2017

    Fastly releases or retires its products and features as detailed below.

    Product and feature releases

    We release our products and features in the following stages.


    Beta products are initial releases of potential future products or features. We provide customers who participate in our Beta program the opportunity to test, validate, and provide feedback on future functionality. Feedback gathered during this phase helps us to determine which features and functionality provide the most value to our customers and helps us focus our efforts accordingly.

    These guidelines apply to Fastly's Beta program:

    Beta services are covered by Section 6 of our Terms of Service.

    Limited Availability

    Limited Availability products are ready to be released to the world, pending some fine tuning. Limited Availability allows us to test out a product or service with a limited number of customers, so we can closely monitor it and make any necessary adjustments before rolling it out more broadly. Our goal is to make it easy for customers to set up our products with their services and take advantage of the features that come along with them.

    These guidelines apply to Fastly's Limited Availability program:

    General Availability

    General Availability products released by Fastly are available for everyone's use. Fastly manages these products in accordance with Fastly's terms and conditions.

    Product or feature retirement

    The decision to retire or deprecate Limited Availability or General Availability features always follows a rigorous process including understanding the demand, use, impact of feature retirement and, most importantly, customers' feedback. Our goal is to always invest resources in areas that will add the most value for customers. When low-value functionality or less successful features compete for resources or create confusion, we may decide that retirement or deprecation is the best solution. In the most difficult of scenarios, feature retirement may cause temporary challenges for some customers. Focusing on the highest priorities of the greatest number of customers, however, allows us to continue to deliver a superior solution with the most benefit.

    Fastly is committed to transparency in everything we do, particularly when that activity has implications on the functionality of our features or platform. In the interest of building trust and clarifying change, we have established a number of guidelines around communication of feature retirement, end-of-life, and deprecation.

    When a decision to retire a feature is reached Fastly will strive to provide:

    In some extreme cases Fastly may need to accelerate the retirement of functionality timeline:

    For more information, contact customer support or your account team.

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