Common OTFP errors

      Last updated January 26, 2020

    This page lists some possible error values that Fastly's On-The-Fly Packaging service (OTFP) service will send in the X-Fastly-Package-Error response header when attempting to fetch video data from your origin server or when repackaging your MP4 files. For help troubleshooting, send the full URL of the response to

    404 responses

    In a 404 response from OTFP, the following header value is returned:

    Origin 404 - This error occurs if the source MP4 does not exist on origin.

    5xx responses

    In a 5xx response from OTFP, header values might include the following.

    500 responses

    502 responses

    504 responses

    Origin timeout - This error occurs if the OTFP was unable to connect or fetch content from origin inside of 15 seconds.

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