About the search controls

Can't find exactly what you're looking for using the navigation controls? The universal search controls allow you to search globally across your account to find exactly what you're looking for. Enter search terms like specific service names or user names to get suggestions or limit your search to specific data types by using filters. You'll only see results appropriate to the roles and permissions you've been granted for your account.

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls before learning about the details you'll encounter here.

Limitations and considerations

Keep the following things in mind:

  • The universal search controls only appear in the Fastly control panel and aren't available in the Next-Gen WAF control panel.
  • Universal search results are limited to Fastly users, services (both Compute and Deliver), and TLS certificates.

Using the search controls

Use the search controls to find information globally across your account. To narrow your search results, you can use filters as part of your initial search.


Are the search results not showing you what you expect? Check your roles and permissions to make sure you have the appropriate access to it.

Searching for data

To search for something, display all the results, and then use those results to navigate to what you're looking for, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Fastly web interface.
  2. In the Search field at the top of the page, enter your search term.
  3. Press Return. Search results appear, grouped by type. By default, all results appear unless you've chosen to refine the results by limiting them to a specific subset using filters.
  4. From the search results that appear below the field, select the appropriate result either by clicking on it directly or by using the up and down arrow keys and then pressing Enter when the specific result you need is highlighted.

Recent searches you've conducted appear below the search results.

Fine-tuning search results with filters

You can limit the results you'll receive during searches by prefacing search terms with words that have special meaning. These special words, called filters, restrict your data to a specific kind of result.

FilterData displayed
services:Only the services your roles and permissions allow you access to
users:Only the users associated with your account. This filter is only available if you've been assigned the role of superuser.
tlscertificates:Only the TLS certificates associated with your account

To use filters, enter the filter name (followed immediately by a colon) and the search terms of the data you're looking for directly in the search field. For example, to search for your www.example.com service, you would enter services: www.example.com in the search field.


Clicking the search filter buttons below the search field will enter the filter names into the search field for you automatically.

What's next

Dig deeper into details about all areas of the web interface controls before you move on to using them to work with services.
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