May 2023 Documentation Changes

The Fastly Documentation team is firmly committed to inclusion and diversity (I&D). Every month, we include "docs doodles" in the form of color bars or small icons located in the top navigation of our site. Each one celebrates a specific I&D topic we're currently exploring. We've also created a new page that collects and aggregates these links. We invite you to join the Fastly Documentation team in our annual goal to educate ourselves and share what we learn. Follow your curious spirit and click on these icons and the links they lead to when you notice them. Through education and increased awareness, we hope to create community-building opportunities that go beyond Fastly.

New docs

The following documents are new to the help desk support series as part of our regular documentation update efforts:

Recently edited and reviewed docs

The following documentation was edited as part of a normal review cycle or as a result of updates to how the Fastly web interface and API operate:

Our documentation archive contains PDF snapshots of site content as of the above date. Previous updates can be found in the archive as well.