Edge Data Storage

Compute@Edge gives you the option of storing the data you need at the edge as key-value pairs in versionless containers. You can attach these containers to an active service and update the data at any time after it's created, without ever incrementing a service’s version. Additionally, these containers can be shared by multiple Compute@Edge services in your account.


Edge data storage options are only available for Fastly's Compute@Edge services, not for VCL-based services.

Important considerations

Personal information, secrets, or sensitive data should not be included in edge data stores or incorporated into edge logic. In addition, we do not maintain version histories of your stores. Our Compliance and Law FAQ describes in detail how Fastly handles personal data privacy.

Config Store

With fast and secure read performance, Config Store is useful for moving simple functions to the edge. You can store environment variables, redirect lists, and more in Config Store, where they can be shared across services and referenced in your edge logic. A config store might be useful if you:

  • have essential data that you don’t want to expire.
  • have a small dataset.
  • need to make frequent changes to your data.



Billing limits for this product may be different if you've purchased it as part of a package offering or are using it as part of a product or feature trial.

Config Store is included with your Compute@Edge service with the following limitations:

  • Trials for Compute@Edge include one config store with a maximum of 100 entries.
  • Paid accounts include up to five config stores (each having a maximum of 500 entries).
  • Write operations to Config Store are limited to 100 writes per hour.
  • Config store keys are limited to 256 characters and their values are limited to 8,000 characters.

KV Store

KV Store is a key-value store that provides high performance reads and writes across Fastly’s network to enable powerful edge applications. A KV store might be useful if you:

  • require global access to your data from hundreds of POPs.
  • require frequent and intensive read operations.
  • write or update infrequently (~1 second per key).

Limitations and considerations

KV Store supports 1024 byte UTF-8 files with a maximum size of 25MB but that limit can be raised to 100MB upon request.



Billing limits for this product may be different if you've purchased it as part of a package offering or are using it as part of a product or feature trial.

KV Store is an add-on and is priced in addition to Compute@Edge services.

Billing for KV Store is based on a combination of total storage charges and data processing operations for the month. Storage is calculated using GB-months rounded to the nearest hour for each object and processing operations are categorized into three groups, each with differing prices:

  • Class A Operations that mutate the state of an object or list multiple objects (for example, SetKey, GetAllKeys, GetAllServices, CreateStore, GetAllStores, and UpdateStore).
  • Class B Operations that read the state of an object (for example, GetKey and GetStore).
  • Free Operations (for example, DeleteKey and DeleteStore).

For more details about this product, including how to purchase it, contact your account manager or email sales@fastly.com.

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