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      Last updated September 11, 2020

    Fastly defines each of its products as follows. For more information about any of our products, contact

    Application Programming Interface

    Fastly provides an application programming interface (API) that can be accessed via a number of popular interactive clients and allows you to manage Fastly services via remote procedure calls. These services include features such as authentication, configuration, historical stats, purging, and remote logging. In addition to being accessible via Fastly's API, Fastly services can also be accessed via a web interface for users with the appropriate access permissions; however, API features do not include customer account setup, which can only occur through the web interface controls.

    Assurance Services

    Assurance Services offers access to third-party audit reports, certification attestations, and unlimited audits of Fastly’s security and technology compliance programs. In addition, it provides access to libraries with summary reports of penetration tests, risk assessments, and security policies, as well as an historical archive of security advisories.

    Certificate Procurement, Management, and Hosting

    Fastly’s Certificate Procurement, Management, and Hosting service obtains dedicated Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates for you. These certificates are serviced using Server Name Indication (SNI) technology, which allows multiple secure websites to be served off the same IP address without requiring those sites to use the same certificate.

    Cloud Optimizer

    Fastly’s Cloud Optimizer product allows you to use Fastly’s Full-Site Delivery features without migrating edge delivery traffic to Fastly by designating Fastly as the origin to one or more existing non-Fastly content delivery networks currently serving your infrastructure.

    Concierge TLS

    Concierge TLS is a packaged addition to Fastly’s Enterprise Support service option that includes one hundred (100) TLS enabled domains, as well as advanced TLS support and configuration options for Enterprises.

    Consulting Engagement Services

    Fastly Consulting Engagement Services provide high levels of expert support and implementation assistance for customers who require in-house expertise or dedicated resources from our Professional Services and Senior Engineering teams.

    Customer Support Services

    Fastly Customer Support Services provide answers to questions about features of Fastly products and services. Each member of the Fastly support team provides technical support to resolve questions about account configuration, operation, and management. Support availability and response times vary depending on the level of support you have purchased.

    Dedicated IP addresses

    Fastly’s Dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) addresses provide customers with a pool of IP addresses across Fastly’s global Edge Cloud.

    Designated Technical Specialist

    Fastly offers the ability to purchase the support of a Cloud Engineer to serve as a Designated Technical Specialist for your organization. These specialists help you optimize your use of Fastly's products and features and provide enhanced troubleshooting coordination with Fastly's support and professional services organizations.

    DDoS Protection and Mitigation Service

    Fastly’s DDoS Protection and Mitigation Service helps protect against volumetric and targeted distributed denial of service attacks against origin servers. It provides overage insurance for unplanned or unexpected traffic patterns, immediate onboarding assistance, emergency configuration and deployment support, ongoing attack mitigation support, and an incident response plan.

    Fastly TLS

    Fastly TLS provides per-domain TLS management using either certificates that customers upload themselves or Fastly-managed certificates generated by a third-party Certification Authority.

    Full-Site Delivery

    Fastly’s Full-Site Delivery uses Fastly’s global content delivery capabilities to cache and accelerate the delivery of static, dynamic, and streaming HTTP-based file content. Full-Site Delivery allows you to tailor delivery of content using features like HTTP header manipulation, time-to-live (TTL) settings, purging, origin shielding, and the advanced edge logic capabilities provided via scripting with the Varnish Configuration Language (VCL). Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Always-on DDoS mitigation provide security for Fastly services, with real-time monitoring via the Fastly web interface. Log streaming to a variety of third-party endpoints provides observability. Comprehensive APIs power Fastly's web interface and provide programmatic access to Fastly’s Full-Site Delivery features.

    HIPAA-Compliant Caching and Delivery

    Fastly offers a HIPAA-CompliantCaching and Delivery product that allows you to transmit protected information like protected health information through Fastly’s network.

    Image Optimizer

    Fastly's Image Optimizer product provides real-time image transformation that caches optimized images requested from your origin server. This product may use third-party cloud infrastructure to process or store content or requests for content.

    Live Event Monitoring

    Fastly's Live Event Monitoring service offers customers the ability to reserve Fastly customer support resources during their scheduled event’s specified hours to proactively monitor key availability and performance metrics. It also offers a dedicated chat channel to communicate with Fastly customer support engineers in real-time.

    Logging Insights Package

    Fastly’s Logging Insights Package helps you analyze and interpret your streaming log data. This professional services offering includes a guided customization of preconfigured third-party logging endpoint dashboards tailored to your specific business needs. Fastly assists with advanced queries, customizations, and best practices.

    Media Shield

    Fastly's Media Shield product offers the ability to decrease origin traffic of live video events or live linear channels by reducing multiple CDN requests into a single request per shield point of presence (POP) back to your origin. Media Shield works with your existing architecture by making Fastly the origin to all of your end-user-serving CDNs.

    Origin Connect

    Fastly’s Origin Connect product offers a private network interconnect between your origin servers and your Fastly shield POP.

    PCI-Compliant Caching and Delivery

    Fastly offers a PCI-Compliant Caching and Delivery product that allows you to transmit protected information like cardholder data through Fastly’s network.

    Performance Optimization Package

    Fastly's Performance Optimization Package provides configuration expertise for analysis and tuning of Fastly services using real-time analytics to identify potential improvements for site performance. This professional services offering includes an assessment, followed by specific recommendations and implementation work.

    Platform TLS Certificate Management

    Fastly's Platform TLS Certificate Management product allows you to programmatically manage certificates and keys for Transport Layer Security (TLS) using a web API. Use this service if you need to upload thousands or hundreds of thousands of individual X.509 certificates and their associated private keys to Fastly.

    Service Implementation

    Fastly Service Implementation offers remote planning, customized configurations, testing, and go-live assistance from our Professional Services team for your initial Fastly service implementation and implementation of new Fastly products and services.

    Service Management

    Fastly Service Management offers ongoing configuration and advanced technical assistance from our Professional Services team on an as-needed basis.

    Shared TLS Certificate

    Fastly’s Shared TLS Certificate service offers customers the option to use their own domains on a shared TLS certificate managed by Fastly. Customers provide one or more hostnames and Fastly administers them using the certificate's Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field.

    Shared TLS Wildcard Certificate

    Fastly’s Shared TLS Wildcard Certificate service offers customers the option to use their own domains on a shared certificate. Customers provide Fastly with one or more wildcard domain entries and Fastly adds them to the certificate SAN field.

    Streaming Delivery

    Fastly’s Streaming Delivery allows you to use Fastly as a globally distributed HTTP streaming network to improve quality of service and increase viewer capacity for both live and Video On Demand (VOD) content. Streaming Delivery provides all the capabilities of Fastly’s Full-Site Delivery, but only for HTTP-based media streaming protocols including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS), and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH). Fastly’s Streaming Delivery must be configured in an account separate from other Fastly accounts.

    Subscriber Provided Prefix

    Fastly's Subscriber Provided Prefix product allows you to have your IP spaces announced, routed, and served by Fastly infrastructure for use with production services. When you purchase this product, you provide your own IP address space to Fastly rather than use Fastly IP addresses. You can then direct traffic to your own IP addresses, which are reachable via HTTP Anycast on Fastly's infrastructure.

    Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Fastly’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) product offers the ability to detect and block malicious traffic to your origin servers using predetermined rules.

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) Quick Start Package

    Fastly’s WAF Quick Start Package provides you with assistance configuring the initial setup of the Fastly WAF. This professional services offering helps you set up a default policy and configure your WAF in logging mode.

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) Tuning Package

    Fastly's WAF Tuning Package provide tuning assistance with the configuration of the Fastly WAF. This professional services offering helps you plan your WAF policies and the configuration of the WAF VCL for your Fastly service.

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) Tuning Plus Package

    Fastly's WAF Tuning Plus Package provides ongoing enhanced professional maintenance of your WAF by Fastly. For each service running WAF, the WAF Tuning Plus Package includes ongoing tuning and configuration services as well as authenticated TLS to origin to help protect you against critical security threats. To purchase the WAF Tuning Plus Package, you must have already purchased and provisioned our WAF product. Once purchased, these professional services continue for the term of your WAF contract.

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