Soft purges

  Last updated April 24, 2018

Fastly provides a Soft Purge feature that allows you to mark content as outdated (stale) instead of permanently purging and thereby deleting it from Fastly's caches. Objects invalidated with Soft Purge will be treated as outdated (stale) while Fastly fetches a new version from origin. You can purge by URL or by surrogate key using Soft Purge.

Before using Soft Purge, we recommend you implement one of the following revalidation methods:

To implement Soft Purge, add a Fastly-Soft-Purge request header (such as Fastly-Soft-Purge: 1) to any single URL or key-based purge. For example, to purge the URL www.example.com with Soft Purge, you would issue the following command:

curl -X PURGE -H "Fastly-Soft-Purge:1" http://www.example.com

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