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FAQ Introduction

access_time Updated Jan 24, 2023

General Troubleshooting

Is someone available to help me with console, agent, or module issues?

Our whole team is at your disposal to help with any issues you have. Call, text, or email us with issues. And if all else fails, contact us.


What platforms does SigSci support for the module/agent?

Our supported platforms are documented on our Compatibility and Requirements page.

If you want to install on another version, OS, or a something new altogether, contact us. Sometimes we can spin up a new version as fast as a day.

Does SigSci provide an API?

Yes, and there is no difference between the customer API and the API Signal Sciences uses to power your dashboards. Full documentation for our REST API can be found here.

Where does Signal Sciences host the Services?

Signal Sciences is hosted across multiple availability zones in Amazon AWS.

What does Signal Sciences need firewall access to?

See Architecture.

What are the limits of Signal Sciences features?

Feature Limit
Alerts 50
Lists 25 per corp + 25 per site
Items in a List 5000
Signals 200 per corp + 200 per site
Request Rules 1000 per corp + 1000 per site
Signal Exclusions 1000 per corp + 1000 per site
Rate Limit Rules 15 per site
Redactions 100

What are the default timeouts for the Signal Sciences modules?

When the module receives a request, it sends it to the agent for processing. The module then waits for a decision from the agent (whether or not to block) for a set amount of time before defaulting to allowing the request through. The default timeouts vary by module type and are listed below:

Module Timeout
Windows IIS 200ms
.NET 200ms
.NET Core 200ms
All other modules 100ms

What does it mean for a feature to be listed as “experimental”?

Features listed as “experimental” are not fully developed and are subject to change. Use caution when building automated processes involving these features as their functionality may change as they progress.


How do I add more users?

See User Management.

How do I add a new site?

See Site Management.

How do I install the Signal Sciences module/agent on a new site?

Go to Installation Process and follow the instructions. Any questions? Contact us.

How do I navigate between sites?

To switch between sites, click on the site selector on the left side of the top navigation bar and select from the list of sites enabled on your account. This functionality will appear only if you have more than one site set up for your organization and if you have permissions to view multiple sites.

Switching sites

How do I know what version I’m running?

Agent version information can be viewed on the Agents page of the console:

  1. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.
  2. Select a site if you have more than one site.
  3. Click Agents from the navigation bar.

How can I be notified when a new agent or module version is released?

You can subscribe to release notifications through any of the available Corp Integrations. The releaseCreated integration event will trigger the integration to notify you when a new agent or module version is released.