Install guides

These articles explain how to install and configure the Next-Gen WAF.

Agent-only deployment

These articles describe the agent-only deployment options.

Cloud WAF deployment

These articles describe how to use Cloud WAF.

PaaS deployment

These articles describe set up and deployment of the Signal Sciences agent using one of our compatible Platform as a Service (PaaS) platforms.

Next-Gen WAF supports multiple installation methods. You can use Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform , hosted Cloud WAF solution, or you can…

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The Edge deployment method allows you to add the Next-Gen WAF as an edge security service onto Fastly's Edge Cloud platform without needing…

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When deployed in a self-hosted deployment, the Next-Gen WAF agent requires egress to multiple external endpoints to facilitate actions (e.g…

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Processors We support the following processors: Intel. All agent and module versions are compatible with Intel processors. AMD. All agent…

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Agent The Signal Sciences agent supports different combinations of operating systems and architecture types. Download the latest version of…

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