Fastly Security Labs

Fastly Security Labs is a program that grants your corp access to in-development beta features. In addition to early access to these upcoming features, you will also have the opportunity to provide regular feedback to help shape them as they develop.


Features included in the Fastly Security Labs program may be part of a Beta release. The status of each feature will be specified in the documentation for that feature. For more information, read our product and feature lifecycle descriptions.


Customers on the Professional or Premier platforms are eligible for participation in Fastly Security Labs. To participate, contact our support team.

Opting out of features

Your corp will be subscribed to all features by default. You can choose to opt out of specific features by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Next-Gen WAF control panel.
  2. From the Corp Manage menu, select User Authentication.
  3. In the Fastly Security Labs section, deselect the features to opt out of.
  4. Click Update labs.


Because Fastly Security Labs features are still in development, issues related to these features may need to be escalated to our development team for troubleshooting. As a result, these features are not covered by our support SLA because issue response and resolution times may take longer than typically expected.

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