Fastly's network status

  Last updated May 17, 2018

Fastly continuously monitors the status of our global network and all related services. In the event of a service interruption, an update will be posted on the Fastly status page at status.fastly.com. If you are experiencing problems and do not see a notice posted, email support@fastly.com for assistance.

Overall system status

The current system status appears at the top of the Fastly status page and includes the last time the status was refreshed so that you know how current the information is.

message that indicates that all systems are operational

Individual component statuses

The status of the Fastly API, the Fastly web interface, statistics collection and delivery, and each Fastly point of presence (POP) appears immediately below the overall status. POPs are grouped by region. You can see the status of all POPs in a region by clicking the + icon next to the region's name.

page displaying the operational status of individual components

Past incident statuses

Fastly keeps track of past incidents. Past incidents, if any, for approximately the past two weeks appear immediately below the individual component statuses.

section of the page displaying incidents reported by day

In addition to the textual description, each incident status appears in a color that indicates the level of service impact. The color indicators are as follows:

We also keep track of all past incidents in an incident history page.

Subscribing to notifications

Fastly allows you to subscribe to status notifications via email or SMS text messaging. Simply click the Subscribe to Updates button in the upper right corner of the status page screen. Once subscribed, we'll email you any time we create or update an incident.

click Subscribe Via Email for emailed notification of changes on the Fastly's status page click Subscribe Via SMS for text message notification of changes on the Fastly's status page

To subscribe to email notifications, click the letter icon, type your email address in the displayed field, and click Subscribe Via Email. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of every status email.

To subscribe via SMS text messaging, click the telephone icon, type your telephone number in the displayed field, and click Subscribe Via SMS. Unsubscribe from SMS text messaging at any time by replying STOP to any status message you receive.

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