Using Fastly's global POP network

Fastly operates a domain name system (DNS) service specifically written to optimize getting your traffic to Fastly. This optimization automatically routes your traffic to the nearest Fastly POP (in terms of network proximity) on our global network and reroutes around internet outages and other disturbances.

Directing your traffic through Fastly's global network

To take advantage of Fastly's global network, use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) when you create domains in the Fastly web interface and make sure you've properly configured your CNAME DNS records.

You can use an apex domain (e.g., instead of as your canonical domain and still take advantage of Fastly's global network by pointing your apex DNS record at IPs on Fastly’s anycast network.

Limiting traffic to a subset of POPs

Fastly allows you to configure traffic routing choices that best suit your specific needs by prioritizing a subset of POPS through which your traffic travels. For example, you can specify that Fastly prioritizes the use of only North American and European Union (EU) POPs. For more information, read about our Billing zone anycast options.

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