Security Technical Account Manager

Fastly offers customers the ability to purchase the support of a Security Technical Account Manager for your organization. These specialists help you optimize your use of Fastly's security products and features by providing proactive check-ins and regular reviews to help you analyze your account's security service configurations and their performance. Security Technical Account Managers also provide enhanced troubleshooting coordination with Fastly's support and professional services organizations.

Fastly offers Professional and Premier Security Technical Account Manager packages. Available hours of service each month to your organization depend on the package you purchase and could include the following summarized activities:

Support OfferingProfessionalPremier
Total available hoursUp to 4 hours/monthUp to 20 hours/month
Scheduled technical check-insQuarterly1x month
Named point of contactIncludedIncluded
Hours of operation/availabilityBusiness hours in single time zoneBusiness hours in single time zone
Regional coverage1 region1 region
Architecture and configuration recommendationsIncludedIncluded
Health check reportingQuarterlyQuarterly
Escalation support and coordinationIncludedIncluded
Email supportAvailableAvailable
Private chat supportAvailableAvailable
Availability for general inquiriesBusiness hoursBusiness hours
Initial response timeNext business dayNext business day
Virtual, self-paced trainingIncludedIncluded
Live trainingUp to 4 sessionsUp to 8 sessions


  • "Business Hours" are 8AM-6PM during a Business Day in California, New York, London, or Tokyo.
  • "Business Days" are Monday through Friday, excluding any day that is simultaneously a US, UK, and Japanese national or banking holiday.
  • Regions” are areas of the world where Security TAM coverage is available and are restricted to North America, Europe, and Japan, plus Australia and New Zealand.

Security Technical Account Managers provide support during Fastly business hours and facilitate non-urgent discussions. They are not a 24x7 resource. Always rely on normal support communications channels for urgent issues and escalations. To engage the services of our Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC) team, check out our Response Security Service offering.

Security Technical Account Manager packages

Each Security Technical Account Manager package includes Enterprise Support as well as the following core features:

  • Email and private chat channel support between you and Fastly during business hours to facilitate quick questions and answers for general inquiries and communication.
  • Priority engagement and coordination with the support resources as necessary during Fastly business hours.
  • Technical guidance on topics like security-related configuration, service performance, and roadmap requests.
  • Advice on security best practices when implementing and using Fastly with your infrastructure.
  • Quarterly health check reporting.

For all Security Technical Account Manager packages, any unused hours or other scheduled availability does not carry forward to future months. You won't be entitled to any refunds or credits for unused hours or other scheduled availability for any one month.


English is the primary language used by our Security Technical Account Managers.

Professional Security Technical Account Manager

In addition to the core features noted above, included hours could be used for:

  • Architectural and configuration recommendations, as requested.
  • Scheduled technical check-ins, via phone or video conference, 1x quarterly.
  • Additional, live training, up to 4 sessions.

Premier Security Technical Account Manager

In addition to the core features noted above, included hours could be used for:

  • Architectural and configuration recommendations, as requested.
  • More frequent scheduled technical check-ins, 1x monthly.
  • Additional live training, up to 8 sessions.
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