Data management

Fastly maintains a “privacy and protection by design” approach that is manifested in Fastly’s data governance program. Fastly is intentional about data processing, collection and access to customer and personal data. Fastly does not collect more data than needed to perform its services. Fastly considers legal, compliance, regulatory, and commercial obligations when working with data. Fastly appropriately protects records and information that are private, confidential, privileged, secret, essential to business continuity, or that otherwise require protection.

Fastly production data

In addition to the Fastly security program, Fastly maintains the following data management practices in production environments.

Data Insights

  • Service management: Fastly collects and processes data related to the functional performance of Fastly services, anomalous activity, and suspicious behavior detected by the services. Fastly retains and uses this data to monitor, maintain, and improve its services, business operations, and security and compliance programs.
  • Confidentiality: Fastly only discloses this data in an anonymized and aggregated form and subject to its confidentiality obligations to customers.

IP addresses

  • Security events: Fastly may indefinitely retain any non-anonymized, non-aggregated client or customer IP addresses associated with security-related incidents or administrative connections to Fastly’s services. Fastly may retain non-anonymized, non-aggregated client or customer IP addresses associated with this anomalous activity or suspicious behavior for a period of up to 30 days.
  • Suspicious activity: Fastly keeps internal systems logs, including access logs, related to events triggered by anomalous activity or suspicious behavior for at least one year. Fastly may retain IP addresses from Fastly event logs or configurations indefinitely.
  • Fastly application: Fastly independently collects the IP addresses of users who access services within the Fastly web interface or through the Fastly API.
  • Endpoints: If a customer defines origin servers or syslog endpoints with IP addresses, Fastly will save those IP addresses as part of the customer’s configurations.
  • Client IPs: Fastly retains client IP addresses in a non-anonymized, non-aggregated fashion for up to two business days, or up to seven days if those addresses are associated with transmission errors.
  • Origin IPs: Fastly may retain dynamically-resolved origin IP addresses for up to two business days, or up to seven days if associated with transmission errors. The IP addresses are discarded thereafter.

Customer data management

The duration of any data retention will vary based on the type of data and its use.

  • Customer content: Customer content enters, transits, and departs Fastly’s network in response to requests. Generally, customers manage which content is processed, where, and for how long by setting policies that control that content.
  • Customer configurations: Customer configurations may be stored indefinitely, but can be deleted upon request. Fastly may directly access or modify customer accounts or configurations as necessary to provide services, to prevent or address service or technical issues, as required by law, or as customers expressly permit. Fastly retains encrypted backups of customer configurations, including VCL, and customer provided packages for business continuity purposes.
  • Cached content: Cached content is retained per customer configuration and use of purge functionality. Customers may control length and type of retention through configuration options to meet requirements for regulatory reasons such as HIPAA or PCI DSS. Fastly deletes cached content according to a customer’s use of the purge functionality and as described in documentation.
  • Customer packages deployed to Compute: Customer provided compiled code may be stored indefinitely, but can be deleted upon request.

Customer request logs

  • Content request logs: Customers may stream their content request logs, which may include request headers, including client IP addresses, to a customer-owned and managed endpoint for analysis and use.
  • Request logs retention: Fastly does not retain customers’ request logs except where explicitly stated in the Documentation and related to the functional performance of the services.

Note regarding Signal Sciences data management

The Signal Sciences security measures describe the Signal Sciences data management practices.

Note regarding privacy law

For more information regarding Fastly’s compliance with global privacy laws and regulations, refer to the Fastly data processing terms, the list of sub-processors, Fastly’s privacy policy, and additional resources on the Fastly Trust page.

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