Managing account plans and usage details

If you've been assigned a superuser or billing role, you can manage your account plans, including upgrading to a paid account, and review usage details and the associated charges by selecting Billing from the user quick links menu at the top right of any page.

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls before learning about each of the pages you'll encounter there. Pay particular attention to the Billing menu.

For paid-accounts, the billing overview page allows you to view bill-related metrics for your account broken down by product and region over key, monthly timeframes. These metrics provide insights into what you're being charged for by Fastly and how that amount applies to the various products you've purchased and the regions in which traffic to your services operates.

Monitoring account and service usage metrics

View your account usage metrics broken down by product and region over key, monthly timeframes by selecting Plan usage from the Billing menu. These metrics provide insights into the month-to-date usage of things your account's billing is based on (for example, Image Optimizer requests or Concierge TLS). Use the information here to help you estimate your bill and plan for the future.

Reviewing account charges and invoice details

View your account invoice information by selecting Invoices from the Billing menu. By default, the current balance for your account, if any, appears at the top, followed by your invoice history.

the billing invoice history

Clicking on the linked date of any invoice displays a summary of charges for that month. The billing invoice summary includes the overall bandwidth you used and the associated charges, followed by the charges you incurred for requests. The bottom of the summary displays the grand total dollar amount owed for the dated month.

the billing invoice summary

Below the month's summary on the invoice, we include regional bandwidth and request details for each billing region. The bottom of each regional details section includes the total charge for bandwidth and requests for that region alone for the dated month.


A breakdown of billing charges per service is not available. Check out our historical stats API for data on unrated request and bandwidth used by a service, aggregated by billing region.

You can print account use details for any month by finding that month in the invoice history and clicking Print in the Actions column for that month.

Upgrading to a paid account

If you are on a trial account for delivery services, you can upgrade to a paid account from the Billing information page, if you have the appropriate permissions to do so.


To upgrade your account for Compute services, contact

What's next

Continue to explore your account management and billing information.

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