WAF Quick Start Package

Fastly’s WAF Quick Start Package provides your organization with basic setup and provisioning of your WAF by Fastly. For more information about this package, contact support.


As announced, April 30, 2023 marked the formal retirement of the Fastly WAF (WAF Legacy and WAF 2020). Our Fastly Next-Gen WAF offers similar functionality. It monitors for suspicious and anomalous web traffic and protects, in real-time, against attacks directed at the applications and origin servers that you specify.


To use the WAF Quick Start Package, you need to:


It’s your responsibility to ensure you have a suitable logging service available and properly configured during the onboarding period.

How it works

Fastly Professional Services staff will guide you through the following stages:

  • Planning. Professional Services staff will help you configure your WAF based on your security requirements. They will gather protection requirements, select from available WAF rules, and configure the WAF based on known or perceived risks to your application.
  • Deployment. Professional Services staff help you configure your Fastly WAF VCL and add it to your Fastly service. They provide best-practice consulting for configuration of your WAF functionality within the Fastly service and will publish the policy to your Fastly service.
  • Hand-off. Professional Services staff help you validate that your WAF policy is active and set up in logging only mode.
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