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This page was previously named "Signal Sciences professional services" and described services associated with the products previously offered as the Signal Sciences Cloud WAF and Next-Gen WAF, which are now referred to collectively as the Fastly Next-Gen WAF.

Fastly Next-Gen WAF (Next-Gen WAF) professional services provide your organization with training, implementation, and maintenance services for the Next-Gen WAF. Depending on the service offerings you select, our team will provide training and work with you to plan, test, deploy, and maintain a solution to protect your applications and origin servers. All Fastly Next-Gen WAF professional services are designed to be delivered remotely and can be purchased a la carte or in bundles.

A la carte services

The following services can be purchased a la carte.

Continuity Essentials

Continuity Essentials is an annual service offering that provides introductory training and an onboarding call with our team. At your request, Fastly will provide up to four quarterly reviews of your implementation and an assessment of your deployment.

Implementation services

Fastly will help you implement a solution using the Next-Gen WAF. Implementation services include personalized meetings to help you plan and deploy a customized solution for your applications and origin servers. Fastly will help you test your configuration prior to deployment. Implementation services are required for all new customers.

Implementation services provide a tried-and-tested process to help you choose the right approach for your environment and use case. Your implementation consultant will work with you to ensure you have the training and support required to unlock the potential of our security products.

Training services

Fastly can provide two different types of training sessions. A free introductory virtual training session available on Fastly Academy teaches skills for using Fastly Next-Gen WAF products and provides real-world examples. You can purchase advanced training sessions with an instructor to learn skills for using the Signal Sciences Application Programming Interface (API) and troubleshooting the Next-Gen WAF Agents and Modules.

Managed rules

Managed rules are rules created and managed by Fastly for your organization. Fastly will create and deploy managed rules for your organization after speaking with you about your organization's requirements. Managed rules are sold in packs of five.

Health checks

Fastly can perform a health check of your deployment of Next-Gen WAF to ensure that your deployment is in a "good" state and being fully utilized. At your request, our team will speak with you to understand how you currently use the Next-Gen WAF and then provide you with an assessment of your deployment with suggestions for improvement.

General services

General services is an hourly service offering (an eight hour minimum) that provides you with access to the Solutions Engineering team.

For purchases of more than 200 hours in a year, hours are evenly allocated throughout the contract term on a quarterly interval. If the hours allocated for the quarter are not used, they will expire at the calendar quarter end.

For more details about this product, including how to purchase it, contact your account manager or email

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