WAF Tuning Package

Fastly’s WAF Tuning Package provides your organization with tuning of your WAF by Fastly. For more information about this package, contact support@fastly.com.

How it works

Fastly Professional Services staff will guide you through the following tuning stages:

  • Planning. Professional Services staff help you gather protection requirements, define rules or filter policies, and develop policy structure.
  • Deployment. Professional Services staff help you configure your Fastly WAF VCL and add it to your Fastly service. They provide best-practice consulting for configuration of your WAF functionality within the Fastly service and will publish the policy to your Fastly service.
  • Testing. Professional Services staff help you validate that your WAF policy is active and set up testing for it.
  • Go-Live. Professional Services staff monitor and address issues during final production testing and policy deployment.

Planning, deployment, testing, and go-live may involve some iterative cycles depending on the complexity of your policy.

Policy services

Some common tuning options we offer include:

  • Initial setup and configuration
  • Validation of policy match to origin systems
  • Policy updates and maintenance
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