WAF Tuning Plus Package

      Last updated July 15, 2020

    Fastly’s WAF Tuning Plus Package provides your organization with enhanced professional maintenance of your WAF by Fastly. The WAF Tuning Plus Package also improves visibility into application layer threats and strengthens your overall security posture. The WAF Tuning Plus Package includes ongoing tuning and configuration services designed to help protect you against critical threats. To protect against WAF bypass attacks, it also includes authenticated TLS to origin.

    For more information about the WAF Tuning Plus Package, contact support@fastly.com.

    WAF Tuning Plus Package features

    Fastly’s WAF Tuning Plus Package is a service offering for the term of your contractual agreement. It includes the following features.

    Ongoing tuning and configuration

    At your request, Fastly will provide you with one report per service protected by the Fastly WAF. Fastly will schedule periodic calls with you to review the reports.

    Up to once per quarter, at your request, Fastly will tune previously provisioned WAF services as follows:

    Up to three times per quarter, at your request, Fastly will provide on-demand rule enablement (if available) for critical vulnerabilities.

    Proactive notifications

    We may notify you of available Fastly rules to help address critical vulnerabilities that we identify.

    Authenticated TLS to origin

    To mitigate WAF bypass attacks, Fastly will configure client-authenticated connections to your origin server for each service running WAF. This is an additional layer of security on top of network-level ACLs. This service requires a customer-provided TLS certificate, matching private key, and CA certificate or certificate chain.

    Fastly will update the certificate on your behalf prior to expiration. Here’s how it works:

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