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Alpine Linux Agent Installation

access_time Updated Dec 6, 2022

IMPORTANT: Beginning January 31, 2023, the agent end-of-support policy will take effect. Per this policy, we will support agent versions that are under two years old. On a quarterly cadence, we will deprecate and no longer support agent versions that are older than two years. At the end of January, we will support Agent v4.16.0 and above. If you need help upgrading your agent to a supported version, contact

Run the Alpine Docker container

If Alpine is being run in a Docker container, start the container. For example:

docker run -it -p 80:80 alpine:3.11 /bin/sh

Add the package repository

Alpine in Container

On the running Alpine container, run the following script:

apk update
apk add wget
wget -q ; mv /etc/apk/keys/
echo | tee -a /etc/apk/repositories && apk update

Alpine in VM or bare-metal

If running Alpine on a VM or bare-metal, run the following script:

sudo apk update
sudo apk add wget
sudo wget -q ; sudo mv /etc/apk/keys/
sudo echo | sudo tee -a /etc/apk/repositories && sudo apk update

Verify the downloaded key

Verify the downloaded key contains the proper key by running the following command:

openssl rsa -pubin -in /etc/apk/keys/ -text -noout

If the downloaded key contains the proper key, the expected output will be:

Public-Key: (2048 bit)
Exponent: 65537 (0x10001)

Install the Signal Sciences Agent package

  1. Run the following command:

    sudo apk add sigsci-agent
  2. Create an empty agent configuration file at /etc/sigsci/agent.conf.

  3. Add the Agent Access Key and Agent Secret Key into the agent configuration file at /etc/sigsci/agent.conf.

    1. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.

    2. Select a site if you have more than one site.

    3. Click Agents in the navigation bar. The agents page appears.

    4. Click View agent keys. The agent keys window appears.

      The ‘View agent keys’ button.

    5. Copy the Agent Access Key and Agent Secret Key.

      The agent keys window.

    6. Enter the Agent Access Key and Agent Secret Key into /etc/sigsci/agent.conf.

      accesskeyid = "AGENTACCESSKEYHERE"
      secretaccesskey = "AGENTSECRETACCESSKEYHERE"
  4. Start the Signal Sciences Agent.

    • Alpine in Container

      Start the Signal Sciences Agent running in Docker:

    • Alpine in VM or bare-metal

      The following is required to have the agent start on reboot:

      sudo rc-update add sigsci-agent default

      Start the Signal Sciences Agent with any of the following:

      sudo service sigsci-agent start
      sudo rc-service sigsci-agent start
      sudo /etc/init.d/sigsci-agent start

Next Steps

Install the Signal Sciences Module: