About the Agents page

The Agents page provides an at-a-glance view of the agents a site uses and high-level stats for those agents. Agents are small processes which provide the interface between your web server and our analysis platform. They determine how requests should be handled (e.g., block, allow, tag).

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls.

About the Agents page

To navigate to the Agents page, click Agents in the site navigation bar.

The Agents page surfaces relevant information and data about your agents via two tabs:

  • Overview: a tab featuring agent information (e.g., status, version, module, operating system, and server).
  • Metrics: a tab highlighting key agent stats (e.g., current requests, connections total, connections open, and connections dropped).

Once an agent has been offline for 3 days, it will disappear from the Agents page automatically.

From the Agents page, you can:

  • click Manage alerts to set up and manage agent alerts. Agent alerts use configured integrations to inform you when thresholds for agents are reached.
  • click View agent keys to access the agent keys window. From the agent keys window, you can copy the Agent Access key and Agent Secret key for the site. You need these keys to start and update agents.
  • use a single set of filters to narrow the list of agents on both the Overview and Metrics tabs.
  • use a search bar on the Overview or Metrics tab to narrow the list of agents on the active tab.
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